Watching what I eat....

I have failed at dieting. I had wanted to start eating the paleo diet about 80/20. But it really hasn't worked out. Some days I am so tired and am feeling nauseous. I just have to eat whatever I can stomach. And sometimes I am starving to death. I swear I eat everything and anything is sight.

I have learned that it only takes one meal/snack to get back on track. Making smarter choices with every meal. For me it is alittle overwhelming looking at the whole week, but rather meal by meal. I also have learned to be prepared. Have snacks in your car, desk, and purse. Right now I have a kashi bar and apple in my purse in case of an emergency. If I let myself get too hungry than watch out. I might just even eat you up. Just kidding.

As far as working out, I haven't yet been cleared by my doctor. But you can find me doing overhead squats all the time. It is actually kinda funny. I do them while waiting for the water to warm up before I shower, at work in the comfort of my bathroom, while my food is heating up, and when I am brushing my teeth. So getting in alittle each time starts to add up.

My goal this week is to eat smarter meal by meal. And if I slack off, who cares just jump right back into it. I am also going to try to do more exercises at home and my goal is to swim 3 times this week.