Some concrete ideas for clean eating

Hi, team -- Here are a few suggestions from my friend, Emily West, who is 5-6 weeks into the "I am CrossFit" challenge. I'm trying to finetune my diet a little at a time, so taking some new steps this week. Hopefully this will help you too. Here's what she's eating:

- seafood and veggies - started out with lots of grilled fish using citrus or coconut oil for marinades
- steak salads with assorted veggies . . . vinaigrette good, but made an avocado-based dressing that's even better
- pork grilled with thyme, rosemary & assorted veggies and applesauce (there's a brand at Whole Foods that is just organic apples, no preservatives or anything else, or it's easy to make your own)
- veggie & meat kabobs with marinades from citrus (lime, orange, lemon), herbs and healthy oils
- roasted chicken - basic, but turns out great every time (just use salt, pepper, olive oil and herbs and throw in the oven)
- you can make your own mayo with eggs, lemon juice, olive oil and mustard powder to use with leftover roasted chicken or with tuna and make chicken salad or tuna salad
- fajitas with no beans, cheese or tortillas, but with avocado and homemade or fresh salsa at WF
- for breakfast, we do lots of zucchini and egg scrambles or Canadian Bacon and fruit